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Tian Hong plastic Co.,LTD is a plastic ribbon manufacturer.The headquarters is located in yiwu,china.The company is specifically engaged in the manufacturing of pp ribbons,printed ribbons,pull-bows,starbows,spools,eggs,rose,curling bows and other gift wrapping products which are used in weddings,christmas celebration and anyother festivals.it can also be used for cakes binding,balloon binding and all kinds of gift wrapping.
Tian Hong has a modern factory.Product quality and R&D have always been the company's primary responsibility.Tian hong has over thousands products so far in which a large number of new designs that follows the latest trend and suits a variety of different tastes are produced every year.It also has a series of decorative ribbons and accessories .

Industry news

Industry news


Beautiful packaging can not be missing is the bow. By changing the position of the bow, you can see a completely different effect. By changing the size and material of the bow, you can experience d...
Tianhong plastic products Co., Ltd. is a joint-stock company engaged in the production and sales of plastic ribbon. The head office is located in Yiwu, China, which is known as "Commodity Ocean, sh...



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